Singing practice time table, Morning Evening riyaz, रियाज़ का समय, सुबह का रियाज़, खाने के पहले या बाद After or before breakfast lunch dinner

Many people says

Many people says that singing practice during the morning is better, yes this is true that morning riyaz is golden riyaz because there are peace all around at that time. But some people says that they don’t get time in the morning.

There are some questions about riyaz…

1.Can we practice before taking food or after taking food ?

2.Some people says that don’t practice after taking food, keep a gap of 3-4 hours.

After listening to all these questions I will only say that singing is a gift of goddess Saraswati that handles the ‘Veena’ in one hand and on another hand she carries the book. I ask you a question. Do u fix time for study ? Just think about this question.

Those who want to Learn

Those who want to study high they do not fix any time, they always keep studding. Likewise we have to practice more and more for singing also. Yes why do people give importance to the practice during the morning because in the morning our mind is fresh of all the tensions and other things, but my thinking is that whenever you sit for singing or practicing make yourself cool and free of all other thinking’s other than music. Only you have to make your mind free. Don’t bring any other thought which is not related to singing. Then it will give you the feel of morning, just concentrate on your riyaz or your singing lessons.

You can practice whenever you get time, when you are going to have food during practice just take a break of 5-10 minutes and then take food, after having completing your food take a rest of 10 minutes and keep on practicing. You can practice any time either its morning or its noon. You can also practice during the evening or in the night. There is no any fix timing for singing practice. But for better practice you have fix your daily routine for riyaz. Revision of older lessons is most important part of good singing practice.

You know Pandit Bhimsen Joshi (The Bharat Ratna) says that he practice for more than 18 hours per day. The most important thing is riyaz, your practice.

There is a people who is senior of my teacher. He is also a best music teacher and classical singer. But his problem was that he is three brothers and three of them were musicians one plays ‘Sarod’, one plays ‘Tabla’ so he don’t get time to practice. So he wakes up at the night for practice. There is a problem practicing during the night is many people get disturbed of the sound. So he opens the harmonium and plays it without making any sound. After playing for 10-15 mins he increases the sound slowly slowly. After an hour he fully increases the sound and the magic was no one can hear him or his sound. So how much u practice and how will u practice is on you.

आप रियाज़ कभी भी कर सकते हैं, ऐसा नही है की सिर्फ़ सुबह मे रियाज़ करने से ही फायेदा होगा और बाद मे नहीं ऐसा बिल्कुल भी नही है ! आप सुबह दोपहर शाम रात दिन जब दिल चाहे रियाज़ कर सकते हैं, रियाज़ करने का कोई सीमित समय नहीं होता है !
आप खाने के पहले या बाद मे भी रियाज़ कर सकते हैं बस पाँच या दस मिनिट का आराम करके आप रियाज़ शुरू कर सकते हैं!

About me, at the beginning when i was in college. I live in PG with my four classmates. There was so many problem for my singing practice. So i usually go to nearest field for my singing practice with my harmonium. So there is no matter of time just do practice and more practice.

Singing practice time table tips Morning Evening riyaz, After or before breakfast lunch dinner

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