Can I Learn Singing with Bad voice quality क्या खराब आवाज़ के साथ गाना सिख सकते हैं

People think that they can’t sing or can’t learn singing with bad voice quality, they need god gifted voice for sing, but this is wrong concept… Just forget this type of thing…

For Learn Singing

For learn singing, you need patience, hard work, good music teacher etc… If you think that learning singing is a easy task then you are wrong definitely. You have to follow some instructions and practice regularly 3-4 hours everyday for 5-6 years to sing better.

Just think

Just think from your heart that you want to learn singing and you will do hard work at any case, then you will definitely achieve the goal… If you think that your voice is not suitable for singing or you don’t have good voice then you need more practice and nothing else… You can make your voice good to do more and more riyaz, actually doesn’t matter that you have good or bad voice, just think that you have to do hard work and have to sing in correct pitch or in ‘Sur’

Voice quality

The voice of Md. Rafi, Kishor kumar and Mukesh are totally different from each other but they all was best singers of that time, so the voice quality is not a matter for singing. Just you need good music teacher that can teach you on a right path…

“You can say that Lata mangeshkar has god gifted voice, Yes you are right she got god gifted voice but she do regular riyaz… If you think that you have golden voice and you will be able to sing like her then you are going on wrong path, Voice is not a matter you have to learn and practice for sing good, there is no any shortcut in music.

लोग सोचते हैं

लोग सोचते हैं की खराब आवाज़ के साथ कभी गायकी नही सिख पाएँगे या वो कभी अच्छा नही गा पाएँगे पर ऐसा बिल्कुल भी नहीं है।

अगर हम बात करें तो बड़े गुलाम अली ख़ान साहब की आवाज़ बहुत अच्छी थी पर उसी जगह आमिर ख़ान साहब की आवाज़ उतनी अच्छी नहीं थी पर दोनो ही गायकी के क्षेत्र में महान हस्ती थे।

फिल्मी जगत की बात करें तो

अगर हम फिल्मी जगत की बात करें तो रफ़ी साहब, किशोर कुमार और मुकेश जी की आवाज़ मे बहुत फ़र्क था पर तीनो ही दिग्गज थे फिल्मी संगीत के, तो कहना यही है अगर गायकी सही हो और सुर मे हो तो सब अच्छा लगता है। बस आपकी लगन और मेहनत बढ़ानी है, रियाज़ खूब करना है क्योंकि रियाज़ से गला सुर मे आएगा और जबतक गला सुर मे नही आयेगा तबतक गायकी अच्छी नही होगी! इसलिए रियाज़ करना है समझदारी के साथ और आयेज बढ़ना है।

When I started learning

When I started learning, my ‘Sur’ was not good even I didn’t understand that but I followed the lessons and done more practice in the guidance of my music teacher then I feel that my gayaki is improving. As a beginners I wasn’t able to sing any song or bandish of any ragas but after some years I am singing good… I have been learning music for last 6 years, you can visit my YouTube channel (Indian Music ART) for listen my singing.

Regular Riyaz

Riyaz or regular practice is most important thing for learn singing, more and more practice will make good singer. There is no any shortcut to learn good singing, just you have to practice regularly.

When I started learning I don’t have my own home, I lived in rented house. There are lot’s of problems was there, but I did regular practice at that time. Now I am doing my riyaz regularly because there is no any other option of riyaz. You have to practice regularly at any how then I believe that you will get success.

If you really want to learn

If you really want to learn singing then you need a harmonium for riyaz, and follow the Basic singing lessons step by step, I am sure after some month you will able to sing paltas alankar even basic songs also.

गाना कोई भी सिख सकता है Anybody can Learn Singing (Need some voice training)

Can I Learn singing with Bad voice quality.

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