Can I learn singing on guitar क्या गिटार पे गाना सिख सकते हैं

This is very interesting question “Can I learn singing on guitar ?”

Don’t have harmonium

There are so many people that don’t have harmonium for practice or they don’t want to use harmonium for learn singing or they want to learn singing on guitar and play that with song. I understand that guitar is very attractive instrument and everybody want to learn this but there are some facts for learn singing that i am going to discussed below.

In short I will say that you can’t do riyaz or singing practice on guitar. Guitar is a musical instrument, you can say this is rhythmic instrument. There are so many chords patterns, scales concepts but it will not help you to learn singing it will help you to play music solo and rhythm only but for learn gayaki or singing you have to use harmonium or tanpura…

But some people say that

But some people say that, all singing scales are available on guitar like C# D# B flat etc so we can practice on them… But I tell you it will not help you to bring gayaki in your singing. Yes you can practice on guitar but you can’t learn Indian classical singing on guitar. You can play music rhythm on this but for learn singing you should go for harmonium or tanpura….

This is true that you can play SA RE GA MA on guitar but the tone of guitar is not suitable for your riyaz… guitar sound will not help to improve your gayaki or to do riyaz…


Only one instrument called Harmonium will help you to learn singing from the beginning, because the sound of harmonium is in continuous wave form. If you want to play harmonium without breaking sound, it will give you the perfect continuous sound for your riyaz. Because structure of harmonium and human is similar for singing… Let’s explain

We sing with the help of breath, and harmonium play with the help of air, and you can easily understand the swaras(SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI) on harmonium… So I will suggest you to use harmonium for learn singing.

You can also learn singing on tanpura but now a days it is difficult to understand SUR on tanpura, because there are only two swaras play on tanpura…

Let’s explain

Generally, There are four strings in tanpura. First string is PA and the rest three strings is SA, so its really difficult to understand the whole octave ( SA RE GA MA PA DHA NI )

And one important thing, if you use electric tanpura then it’s ok for beginners but If you want to use manual tanpura for learn singing at beginning time then I will suggest you, please don’t use manual tanpura at starting because tanpura tuning is a factor. You can’t tune the tanpura easily, it is very difficult to tune manual tanpura… After learning some year you will be able to tune but as a beginner you should use Harmonium to understand scale and all swaras…

गिटार पे संगीत सीखना सही नही है

गिटार पे संगीत सीखना सही नही है क्योंकि गिटार की आवाज़ रियाज़ के लिए सही नही है। रियाज़ के लिए मैं कहूँगा हार्मोनीयम सही है शुरू के महीनो मे या जो संगीत सीखना शुरू किए हैं उनके लिए हार्मोनीयम ही ज़रूरी है।

हार्मोनीयम की आवाज़

हार्मोनीयम की आवाज़ और हम इंसानो की आवाज़ लगभग मिलती है। जैसे, हमलोग गणेके पहले साँस लेते हैं और जितनी साँस रहती है हमलोग गाते हैं ठीक वैसे ही हार्मोनीयम भी बजने के पहले हवा भरता है खुद के भीतर और फिर जितनी हवा रहती है उतना देर बजता है मतलब, हार्मोनीयम हमारे साथ गाता है। और हार्मोनीयम पे सुर समझने में कोई परेशानी नहीं होती है, हमलोग आसानी से ‘सा रे ग म प ध नि सां’ को समझ के रियाज़ करते हैं।

तो सही तरीके से संगीत सीखने के लिए हार्मोनीयम का होना बहुत ज़रूरी है।

You have to understand SUR first with the help of harmonium then I believe you will able to understand.

Can I learn singing on guitar ??

Learn Singing without Harmonium जिनके पास हार्मोनीयम नही है वो भी संगीत सिख सकते हैं

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