What is Chaturang चतुरंग गायकी क्या है

You can understand from the name that there is a mixture of four things in it.

It contains the words of Khyal, Tarana, Bol of Tabla or Pakhawaj and Sargam.It is sung in the same way as Khyal.

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What is Thumri ठुमरी गायकी क्या है

Types of Music गीत और उसके प्रकार

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Vocal stress Voice crack problems after riyaz रियाज़ करने के बाद गला खराब होने पर क्या करें

How do I stable the High notes while singing गाते वक़्त ऊंचे स्वर हिलते हैं, कैसे ठीक करूं

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